Dec 8, 2016

Camtasia 3 Mac - Three Quick Tips

TechSmith's latest version of Camtasia for the Mac brought the product into close parity with the Windows' version. There are a few things that are either easy to overlook or not yet documented that I think are worth knowing about.

Save Style To Annotations - I tend to use arrow callouts in most projects. Once I thicken up an arrow, change its color, shape, and delete that annoying default drop shadow effect, I can save that version to the User tab of the Arrows & Lines annotations. First, make sure you're on the annotations tab as shown; number 1 in the image. (By the way, the visual properties tab on the left, is where you can delete the drop shadow effect). Second, click the button shown by the number 2 callout to save your customized annotation.

Quick Split/Ripple Edit - A quick way to split and create some open time in your clip is to hold down the Shift key and then drag the play head to the right.
If you are positioned on a break with open space available to the left in ALL tracks, you can also Shift-drag to the left to move all the tracks at once.

Extend Frame - If you use the previous tip to split your track and insert some time, you can easily extend the last frame of your video track. Hold down the Alt key and position your cursor near the video track you want to extend. The cursor should change to the shape shown in the image. Now clicking on the right edge of the video and dragging will extend that clip.

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